Chris Perkins Talks “Jump Force”, Back To You Music Video, and more!

Last month, upcoming artist Chris Perkins surprised fans by announcing weekly YouTube videos that were uploaded every Friday throughout July. These videos ranged from: behind the scenes content, new songs, as well as visual content for previously released songs. We took the time to interview him to find out what he’s been up to andContinue reading “Chris Perkins Talks “Jump Force”, Back To You Music Video, and more!”

Avery Harden Is Drippin “Fiji” With Hot New Summer Single

By: Chris Perkins “SOMEBODY GOTTA SEE ME!” “SOMEBODY GOTTA SEE ME!” boasts Avery Harden in the intro of his latest single, “Fiji”. While other rappers are after the best “juice” and “sauce”, Harden’s focus is the pursuing the highest quality of water: FIJI. “I really like Fiji water and wanted that “catchy, replay value” songContinue reading “Avery Harden Is Drippin “Fiji” With Hot New Summer Single”

FS Studios Talk “Quarantining It Cool”, New Music, And Life At Home With Group Debut

By: Chris Perkins If you’ve been bored in quarantine and need some new entertainment, look no further. This new group has taken advantage of their newfound “freedom” in quarantine by putting together the YouTube channel “FS Studios”. FS Studios is comprised of brothers Andrew and Ryan Fremont-Smith who come from Newburyport, Massachusetts. The two brothersContinue reading “FS Studios Talk “Quarantining It Cool”, New Music, And Life At Home With Group Debut”

The Change We Need

Current State of Mind stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter protestors and the families of those victimized by instances of police brutality. The entirety of Current State of Mind was built from the mind of an African American man just as this country was built from African American slaves. We need to realizeContinue reading “The Change We Need”

Bored in Quarantine and in Quarantine Bored?

By: Chris Perkins Hello world, apologies for the unexpected disappearance but Current State of Mind has finally returned with loads of content! Currently, COVID-19 has impacted all of us in numerous ways and so I hope that all of our readers have been social distancing and following the stay at home orders in their respectiveContinue reading “Bored in Quarantine and in Quarantine Bored?”